Composite materials form the optimal selection of airborne materials. The weight, stiffness and excellent resilience properties render them to be the choice for high-end specialty airborne components.


Specialty airborne components
The choice of composite materials for the production of specialty airborne components allows the designer to form complex and intricate parts with exceptionally unique aeronautical properties.

Airborne Radomes made of composite materials hold both exceptional electro-magnetic and aeronautical properties

Composite materials are the first choice for high-end airborne pods. Their resilience and aeronautical properties combined with an array of possibilities in production techniques render them as most suitable for a wide range of airborne pods.

The extreme weight and sometimes electromagnetic constraints of UAV'-s call for the extensive use of composite materials within the production of unmanned aerial vehicles. MLR's extensive experience in this field offers our clients the opportunity to find a production home for most of their UAV'-s needs.
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